In my approach to functional training, you will do more than train the body for activities performed in daily life. You will do more than get stronger and healthier.

You will feel at one with your body and your physical environment.

In my customized fitness program, you will train in 3D. Every type of movement is incorporated, using all of the space around you—flowing movements, short strong movements, slow and fast, small and big, circles and straight lines.

You will also lift, throw, slam (always a favourite), balance.

You will also work in different modes. In one section of a workout, we might work on slow, precise exercises that target specific areas that need attention; then we might change gears and do a dynamic circuit; then we might focus on core stability exercises.

What is Functional Training? Here are some key characteristics:

  • A variety of natural movements.
  • Multi-joint exercises that  use all the major muscle groups.
  • An emphasis on core strength.

Some things that I am NOT into:

  • Racing against the clock.
  • Following the notion of “no pain, no gain.”
  • “Whipping” you into shape.
  • Pushing you to get jacked, ripped, shredded…

Here is what I am very good at:

  • Understanding a client’s personality and needs.
  • Finding that sweet spot where you will feel challenged but not exhausted.
  • Bringing variety and fun to every workout.

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